I wrote about 21 not counting this one and the onomatopoeia poem, this spring challenge I have posted 10 and yet again not counting this post and the onomatopoeia poem. 4 are school based, 8 are challenge based, and none are off my own thought. I have had no comments what so ever for this spring challenge, I got no comments so I can’t answer this question. My post that I wrote was probably favourites, I wrote about the beaver because I like the beavers and that they are very interesting animals. No I did not change my theme because I liked the way my blog is. I have around 12 widgets in total, and I think it is a little too much because 12 is a lot of widgets. I have three overseas bloggers on my blogroll. I used compfight for my images, well most of my images, and I used bunnyhero lab for a widget and for a game. I do not think I have actually grew because I got no comments and I really stayed the same from fall to spring.

I asked Marcy to evaluate my blog and here is what she said, ¨My first impression is orange.¨
The thing that captured my attention was Ryan1am
The thing distracting was the ugly tiger jumping through the blue star
My advise is to add Green and Yellow

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Onomatopoeia, Week Three

The baseball players go,
Hitting, catching and throwing, their way to victory,
The crowd goes, as a player makes an outstanding play at second,
Now it’s the last inning, the inning that can change the whole game,
The sound of the greatest ending of a game,
“Strike 3 your out!”
The ump calls out loud to everyone,
Everyone is excited, we have won,
Our job is done, for today,
We’ll meet them again in playoffs,
But for right now we are the champions until we meet again.

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Dear Sports, Week Two

Dear Sports,

I love you like I love my family,
You’ll always have a special place in my heart,
Even though you bully me some times,
I’ve recovered and I still love you,
You’ve injured me a countless number of times,
Just like my hand, but I’ll one again recover.

I want to grow up still playing with you,
But the time will come and I’ll be no longer play with you,
But I’ll still love you like family,
People say your just a silly thing that people play for money,
I think their wrong your a thing of fun and games and for entertainment.

I don’t want to play with you for the money, but for the fun,
Even though I’ll get hurt playing, but you have the pain of me not playing,
Just like my coach and me, he hurt himself playing and he ended his carrier,
He had the time, didn’t even make it to the majors,
I broke my hand during a game but that won’t set me back,
I’ll play until the doctor says I can’t because your my family,
I’ll love you until I die, and I’ll still love you.

Photo Credit: Paul L Dineen via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Paul L Dineen via Compfight cc

My favorite Animal

I bet anyone that has known me for about a year know what my favorite animal is, it’s the beaver. You know the little creatures that make little dams and lodges out of sticks in the water and they are a pretty smart animal like dogs. I’m guessing not a lot people like or want to even see a beaver, but in my opinion there awesome because they make the pond, lake, or river to their individual need, first they actually do build a dam then build their home. I was watching a documentary on beavers and it talked about how they built their homes and dams, and also they do it for a specific reason not just for fun.

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So as you can see this is a beavers dam it is built to keep predators out and if a dam is damaged then the beaver will get aggressive and may start attacking. I got this information off of Wikipedia, the beaver is the largest rodent in North America, The scientific name is called the Castor, and there are two types of the beaver, they are the North American Beaver and the Eurasian Beaver. The population of the North American Beaver once was 60 million but as of 1988 the population was 6-12 million because people hunted for the fur, glands for medicine, and perfume believe it or not.

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I like the beaver because of it’s intelligence, how it uses all available resources (like sticks and wood), and it is my favorite teams mascot. So I watched some of a documentary that is about an hour long and it talked about the beaver of course but you watch it, it was interesting in my opinion. Beavers are amazing animals but some times they can cause a problem so when the dams brake the water will flood places and in some places they flood the roads and the people that work have to trap and do something to the beaver but anyway it’s still an amazing animal.

My Broken Hand

It all began Wednesday,
A normal day as can be,
Until it reached the evening,
My life changed in a second,
It all began Wednesday.

I had no idea,
Until it was too late,
I had broken my hand,
It all began Wednesday.

I’m out for the season,
Nothing to do,
Now I’m the bat boy,
It all began Wednesday.

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I can tell you the story, yes in fact I did brake my hand, yes I do have a cast but the picture above isn’t my cast. My cast is black with red strips and the cast covers both my pinkie finger and the one right next to it, black wasn’t a good color to pick because during the summer when it’s hot the light and heat is attracted to black so it’s going to be really hot in my cast. I broke my 5th metacarpal, and I broke it at an angle, the doctor said I have a boxer brake which I don’t box. A boxers brake is a brake by the knuckle and it bruises on both sides of the hand. I have to ware my cast for three to four weeks, and when I get my cast off I’m going to have to build up my hand muscles.

I broke my hand playing second base, playing baseball if your wondering. It was the in the first inning and I got the ball from the pitcher and went to tag the runner and jammed my finger pretty bad in the process. Told my coach after the first inning, he told me, “Oh, it’s fine, you jammed bad.” So I kept playing, made it worse and during the fourth inning I told my coach again because it was swelling it up. He told me not to swing the bat, but to stay in the batters box. So I did and I got walked twice and scored twice in the remaining three innings. We won 5-1, I played a whole game with a broken hand, I’m just glad I didn’t brake it stupidly.

Where I Want To Visit

I never really gone outside the United States, well I’ve been to, California, Florida, Hawaii,  Nevada, Texas, and Washington all inside the United States. But sometime I’d like to travel outside the United States, if I could go outside the United States I’d go to Europe. I’d go all over Europe, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Wales, and many other countries in Europe. I’d try to visit all the countries in Europe but that would cost so much money, I bet a millionaire could afford it.

If I could travel all through out Europe I’d have to buy a passport, and will I have to buy a new passport during the journey? There’s many questions I could ask if I could travel throughout Europe. I could ask the exchange student my family is taking in from Germany. She’s traveled all through out Europe over her many years in Europe, she can be a very useful tool.

Will in Europe I’d want to visit, monuments, museums, and memorials, especially during the World War II era. I would do this because it was very important to the world and also my great grandpa served in WWII and he was deployed in France and he was very close to me. I’d also want to visit Europe so I can feel how it feels like to drive in the right side of the vehicle, it would be weird. Europe has so much history to it and I’m so interested in it’s history so I’d go to Europe so I can learn more about it.



Count Out Three

I just visited Grace’s blog with my mind blown, she wrote a post about stores with cameras checking your phone and cameras in the fitting rooms. Would you want security cameras and complete strangers seeing what your doing on your phone and changing in the fitting room, I wouldn’t. She talks about invasion of people’s privacy and I do agree that this is invasion of people’s privacy. You should read because you’ll learn a lot of things that you didn’t know about stores.

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I visited Ryan’s blog and I found an interesting post about people claiming land on Mars, which in my opinion it’s really pointless. Well it would be cool to say to your peers that you’ve got a piece of land on Mars. Ryan states many good facts of how it is pointless but he also wrote about the good ways of claiming land on Mars. What do you think about claiming land on Mars?

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Avery talked about technology basically being an addiction, it states that teens spend at least 7 hours staring at a phone, tablet, laptop, or a T.V per day. It was mind boggling like the invasion of peoples privacy with stores. The average texts sent or received by teens is about 3,339 texts per month, also 58% of pedestrian deaths are from kids under the age of 19. Let that settle for a second, think about it, crazy Hugh. Comment how many hours you think you spend on a technological device.

My Countries Power Grid Went Out!

If Americas power grid went out many things would change but there things to keep yourself relaxed even without power. First lets talk about what will change, there will be no lights, no heating or cooling, no electronics, the fridge wouldn’t work which means spoiling of food and finally if you have an electrical car. If you have an electric car and it runs out of energy well your screwed, way to blow a couple hundred thousand of dollars. In my school one of my classes has no windows and if the electrical grid went out how will we see, lots of flashlights, will we go outside to learn, or will we not even go to school?

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How would I relax, well that’s a very good question, I would relax by doing something outside with my friends. Like we could play baseball, ride bikes, talk, or play a game of bear. I could play a board game with my siblings and friends, read a book, find a picture of something and draw it or have a drawing contest with my friends and family. I could do origami, I make these origami pieces so I can make a big 3D origami things, so far I made Santa for Christmas, Angry Birds for my little cousin and penguins for my family. In that paragraph I learned that there’s a lot more than starring at a screen to keep us entertained.

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How will we hear the latest music, will we have to make up our own songs? Will the power grid ever come back on, if so when? Will this Americas power grid ever go out, that reminds me of my book The Eleventh Plague, it’s about a boy and his father trying to survive the eleventh plague and Americas power grid has gone out, so will this ever happen? There are many questions to ask if something like this actually happens and I think that a countries power grid will go out eventually. Then they would have to figure out how they could relax without electricity.

Fishing Season Is Coming, Are You Ready?

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     Fishing season is coming so get your fishing poles and gear, the fishing season starts April 25 and boy am I ready. I go fishing with my dad once and with my grandpa once both times I caught a fish. When I caught the fish with my grandpa he used it as bait for crab, my grandpa didn’t get any crab. But when I caught the fish with my dad we took it home fried it and ate it. The first time I went fishing was when I was 6 years old with my sisters.

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      I got my fishing gear last christmas and it had everything, line, bait, weights, tools and many other things for fishing. I also got a knife the next Christmas to clean my fish or gutting it out to get it ready for what ever you want to do with it after words. I caught a fish the very next day with my new gear, that fish was good. My dad goes on annual fishing trip to Canada with some of his friends and I want to go up with them to catch a big halibut. My dad wants us to go up to a cabin and he says there’s a wonderful place to fish for salmon and trout.

     If you want to learn about fishing, click fishing because fishing is very fun but it uses a lot of patience, but I don’t have patience but when it comes to fishing it seems I’m very patient. I didn’t believe fishing was a sport until I found my grandpa watching competitive fishing on the television, that’s when I wanted to be one of those people in competitive fishing with all the gear they have it’s really amazing. fishing is coming soon and there is only one question are you ready?

My International Event, National Inventor Day


Austin, Perry-Castañeda. thomas_edison.jpg. 1915. Pics4Learning. 3 Apr 2015 <>

National Inventor Day is a day of celebration for the wonderful inventors of all the creations of that help us thrive as everyday people. I like this international event because I’m interested in being an inventor when I grow up and I feel that we the people need to recognize all inventors not the just the famous inventors because all inventors deserve the recognition for their time. To spend thinking and working and most of the time failing but in the end it’s a life changer. My grandpa has invented something in his day, he invented the J-Vac, for infectious wounds a thing will be attached to the wound and the infection will be sucked up into a tube then into a bag.